Professional Development

Guide for Professional Developers (revised Aug. 2005)

This guide is intended to help you as you work with teachers, preparing them to use City Technology in their classrooms. Some teachers, already experienced in science inquiry and/or other varieties of reform-based pedagogy, will be able to use the City Technology guides without further assistance. Others may find it sufficient to partner with another teacher who is already using City Technology For most teachers, however, some formal professional development will be essential in introducing them to the ideas and activities of this new subject area. The purpose of this guide is to offer you the benefit of some of our own experiences in helping teachers implement City Technology.

The Guide includes general information about professional development, the structure of our workshops and the reasoning behind each component, ideas about how to handle the "thorny issues" that typically arise, and a complete description of the Introductory Workshop and workshops for each of the five topics, including Key Concepts and Workshop Tips and Strategies.

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Guide for Professional Developers
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