Presenting MechAnimations


Students present and discuss the MechAnimations they have made. An integral part of every presentation is the design and redesign process each student has gone through.


Students’ completed MechAnimations


  1. Presenting MechAnimations: the content of the presentation.

The final products, the MechAnimation and the story it illustrates, are obvious parts of any presentation.  However they do not reveal the work the students have done: the troubleshooting and problem solving, the designing and redesigning.   We view the process students go through as more important than the final product. It is through the process that the learning occurs.

Therefore, whatever the forum for presenting the students’ work, the presentation should include:

    1. A demonstration of the MechAnimation and how it works,
    2. A brief history of their work:
    3. The mechanisms and ideas they began with.
    4. The vision of what they wanted to do,
    5. The problems they encountered,
    6. The way they solved the problems,
    7. The way their vision changed on the way to the final story and MechAnimation and
    8. A telling of the story that the MechAnimation illustrates.


  1. Presenting MechAnimations:  In addition to a presentation before their own classmates, or to another class, other possible forums for student presentations include
    1. Bulletin board or poster display: MechAnimations and can be attached to poster boards or bulletin boards. By using push pins strategically – for example, at the corners – you can avoid interfering with the mechanism, allowing viewers to try them out to see how they work. The history of their work and their stories can be posted too, as part of the same display.
    2. Museum table: For Parent-teacher Conferences, Open School Night, or other community events, the MechAnimations can be displayed on tables with signs inviting viewers to see how they work, and to read the stories they illustrate and the history of their making. .
    3. Invention Convention: Stage a science-fair style event, to give students an opportunity to explain what they made and how it works to parents and other visitors.  Again, full emphasis is given to the process of designing and redesigning the MechAnimation.

Showcase of Student Work

Below are links to student work. If your students wish to contribute their work to this page, here is how to do it.

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