MechAnimations II


In Lesson 10 students return to the MechAnimations  they began in Lesson 5.  As a result of Lessons 7and 8 students know more about how to place links and pivots to get the movement they want.  Now they complete the work on their pegboard models.  Some students may begin to transfer their design from the pegboard to cardboard.


For each student:
  • Science notebooks for record of work done in Lesson 5.
  • Pegboard bases, links, and pivots.
  • Post-its, tape, paper, and scissors to make pieces to add to the pegboard mechanisms.
  • Craft supplies, markers, magazines from which to cut  materials for decoration.
  • Cardstock, cardboard, and paper fasteneers for use in making cardboard MechAnimations.


1. Discuss work in-progress: Students report on their ideas for MechAnimations and the stories they want to tell.  They discuss solutions to problems and ideas for expanding their work.  Here is a video on Developing Ideas to help stimulate further work.
2. Continuing work on individual projects: As students are working, help them clarify what they are trying to do, suggest resources such as other students' ideas, as well as available materials, and pose questions that suggest further challenges.
3. End of class review of progress and issues: Near the end of class, meet briefly so students can share their ideas and progress. Discuss problems they solved and problems that still exist.
4. Science Notebooks: Remind students to draw and describe their mechanisms and stories.  Save any work that has been done in cardstock.  The science notes and the cardstock MechAnimations are the starting points for Lesson 11.


Here are resources for:
Here are videos that address problems in making a cardboard MechAnimation from the pegboard model:

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