11. Gearing up for the Auto Show


Students continue to work on their improved cars, write Instruction Manuals, and prepare for presenting their work in the next lesson.


  • Partially completed improved cars from Lesson 10
  • Materials for adding lights and horns: AA  & coin batteries, LEDs, buzzers, paper fasteners, wire,  cardboard,  tape
  • Craft materials for decorating vehicles:  Ribbon,  yarn, felt, pipe cleaners, beads, cardstock, pom-poms, etc.


Continuing work on improved cars:  Students complete making their cars, test them, troubleshoot, and redesign as necessary.

Instructions for using your car:  Someone might not know what they would have to do to activate the lights, horn or motor.. Ask each student to attach a short instruction guide, such as “Press here to operate horn,” which will tell the user what to do.

Science Notebook

  • Describe and draw what you made.
  • List the problems that came up, and what you did to troubleshoot each one.
  • What did you learn from doing the project?